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Missing my magnanimous mom, on this, her birthday. Patricia Diane Yoder Surface was born on September 5, 1936, she lived to be 75 years old. This was not nearly long enough for me. As the eldest child, I knew her the longest and miss her every day. A woman with such considerable gifts should live forever, in a perfect world. 

This summer we attended an event that my mom founded, the 2013 Midsummer Arts Faire in Quincy, IL, I walked through that event beaming, teary eyed and amazed as I viewed what her vision had become. I have met thousands of moms, almost all of them wonderful, talented women and a credit to their gender and their families, but to this very day, there was no one was like my mom. No other woman that I have ever met in person, had such a vast array of incredible skills, intelligence and persistence.

In my lifetime I saw my mom rewire a room in our house with indirect lighting, reupholster furniture, cane chairs, refinish every kind of furniture you can imagine (after shopping for it at garage and estate sales and bargaining AND getting it home)!  The woman sewed all of our clothes! This was not a breeze either. Each one of us with vastly different tastes and were not all that easy to please, yet she did this  for us, with style and grace. She did every household job that women did at the time, and most that the men and children were to do. To top that off she engaged her children in learning these valuable tasks, she was a master engineer. It was just "here is how to wash the floor", it was "here is how to wash the floor most economically and to ensure the best results".

Do not think she stopped there. As you must know by now, Pat Surface    was an accomplished multi media artist. China painting, oils, watercolors, chalk, and SO much more. She even had a ceramic shop with a friend, oh so many moons ago, and yes, we ALL learned how to work with that too. 

She also mastered arts and crafts of every kind, and managed to keep we 3 girls interested and learning one after another after another! She was a diplomat of the finest order when convincing you how fun this class or that class or how these dance lessons, or that Little Theater play would be. She was right.

My mom finished her college degree from Iowa State, as an adult, many decades after she had begun it, as a young girl.  She then got an art degree from Quincy College (which is now Quincy University). This was great fun for me because we were students there at the same time! 

Those around her, including neighbors, relatives, friends, were in awe of what she could do. I think most of us were STUNNED about half the time, she was a true force to be reckoned with.

Happy Birthday to my mom, Pat Surface!


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